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Notes on Resilience: Prelude

I am going to start sharing my new writing on resilience, with the first one coming on Friday. This is something I have been planning in my head for months, but only just starting to untangle it onto a page.

You can sign up to the writing via Substack:

I am starting to write about what it means to be resilient and how we go about living a resilient life.

I didn’t set out to write about resilience, I set out to find my own resilience. Why some days did I feel strong and some days I crumpled on the sofa unable to move? Did I need to be more positive? Tougher? How did I do that? I felt like I couldn’t make sense of it alone.

The rational ex-lawyer brain came into action to do what I knew; collect the information, assess it myself, and make a judgement. Looking back it is hard to see where the courage came from, to get off the sofa I was lying wallowing on and reach out to those first few guests for the podcast. It was almost like a calling though, knowing I needed to talk to them, despite the formless podcast yet to take shape. The podcast was an excuse to ask them what I wanted to know, although I had faith that if it was something that I could find useful then I expect there will be one other person who finds it helps too. I will be ever grateful for their time, and their faith that there was a reason I was recording this conversation, even if it was months later until I was ready to put them out.

As the episodes rolled on, I started to see patterns emerging. Little lights of connection, from one guest to another, where ideas overlapped and talk of resilience came back to familiar paths I had trodden on an episode before. I was immersed in so much work in 2023, that it was hard to keep track as the weeks and then months rolled by. I began to start to make sense of some of the reoccurring themes in my head, mostly as I walked the dog on my own, a time where my thoughts were given both time and space. They soon filled my head like a cup I was trying not to spill from, and I knew I had to spill them on the page.

The series of notes, more like short essays, are taken from my head. I am then going to revisit the podcasts, the guest’s books, and some other sources to add layers. A project on resilience as I navigate another year with surgery, house moves, grief, and whatever life throws at me.

So these will be those notes on resilience. On what I have learned, what people have told me, and what I have felt. Because I hope to go beyond just conceptualising resilience and look at what embodied resilience means. Living a resilient life from now.

I will start on Friday with the first piece of writing, the first in a series of about twelve pieces I plan to share. They won’t be following every week from Friday but will interspersed with some other pieces, but I am looking forward to sharing this year everything I have learned about resilience.

Thank you for your support and I would love to hear any thoughts you have on resilience.

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